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Envisioning a community inspiring through – and inspired by – the Arts!
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artists alliance of the hill country was established in January, 2013. In such a short amount of time, the group has flourished with acceptance and support. We were delightfully surprised by the expansive turnout of seventeen artists at our first gathering. By the end of the fifth meeting, forty artists and art enthusiasts participated and now in 2015, seventy members. Members thus far include a wide range of medium artists: writers, musicians, painters, poets, sculptors, pyrography, and fiber from Driftwood, Austin, Dripping, Johnson City, Spicewood and Canyon Lake.

Founders Mara Cardwell and Susan Manzello
Founders: Mara Cardwell and Susan Manzello

The word quickly spread of our newly formed. The City of Dripping Springs was the first to reach out to us. They invited the group to join the Historical Preservation Committee while they plan the Revitalization of Mercer Street. Susan Manzello and Mara Cardwell, Founders of AAHC, attended their monthly meetings providing art ideas and sources that they could possibly incorporated into their Mercer beautification project. Although AAHC representatives do not attend meetings now, the Committee periodically calls on the group to help incorporate creative, local energy into their project.

We were also honored to have been contacted by the Dripping Springs Chamber of Commerce inviting us to join forces with their 6th Annual “Dripping With Taste Festival.” AAHC had their first successful Juried Art Show in September, 2013.

May 2014, AAHC had their first "Tour The Talent" Studio Tour with 10 stops and 20+ artists. It was embraced and well attended by the community, Austin and surrounding communities. AAHC is planning another, with 6 stops and 30+ artists. By tightening driving radius, adding more artists, growing public media following and expanding our advertising and radio coverage, we can expect a great turn out!

Our future plans are to have annual juried shows, studio tours, a coop gallery, youth mentoring programs, art workshops, demonstrations, video demos and presentations for members. But to reach these goals, we aim to expand, develop and empower our volunteers into confident leaders. That is our current challenge! To ensure that the Artists Alliance of the Hill Country stays, grows, improves and flourishes, the leadership is formulating a working structure in which we focus, work and conduct ourselves. Working within this structure we aim to create a healthy structure of volunteers that take ownership in the cause and offer their time, energy and talents to move us closer to our collective vision!

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February 24, 2015

VISION: aahc
envisions a community inspiring through – and inspired by – the Arts!

MISSION: aahc established for all who engage in creative activities, or simply wish to support the arts, to
inspire and be inspired, who willingly pool their talents to unite, foster, educate, discover, promote and advance themselves and their community through the arts.


• To Keep AAHC in check, to maintain clarity, and to keep decisions moving forward, the vision, mission, and value statements will be available for reference at each leadership team meeting.

• To pass forward the group's focus efficiently on the mission, vision, and values by alternating mentoring leadership system with a one-year overlap while coaching the new entry leaders.

• To empower members with a sense of control and motivation on working hard towards the team's common vision by using participative leadership as the decision-making process in all major decisions.

• To share the responsibility and lighten the load, committee leaders are expected to practice delegation to involve other members in the event process.

• To keep a record, and to improve upon each art event, the committee chairs will document and evaluate the process in a written report for the leadership team to keep on file for future reference.

PLAN FOR 2013-2014:

• To unite, foster and inspire members, we plan to have monthly demos, studio visits, field trips.

• To promote and advance our members with the community, we will build a website and create promotional material by late August for the September Festival.

• To promote and advance our members as well as connect with our community, we plan to work with the Dripping Springs Chamber of Commerce in their 6th Annual Dripping with Taste Wine, Food & Arts Festival.

• To promote and advance our member as well as connecting with our community, we plan to have a Studio Tour in the Spring of 2014.

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